Dr. Marco Negrete

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, UNAM.

About me

I'm an associate professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. My main areas of interest are the autonomous mobile robots, control and automation, digital signal processing and congnitive and behavioral sciences. I collaborate at the Biorobotics and Adaptive Behavior Laboratories (Schools of Engineering and Psychology, respectively). I also like stargazing.

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Justina y Takeshi

Two domestic service robots developed at the Biorobotics Laboratory, UNAM. Learn about our participations in national and international tournaments.

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Math Teaching

As stated by the OECD, education is a key factor for economic development. With this in mind, we are developing learning sequences for math teaching at highschool level. Our premise is that robotics and programming can be learning spaces for math teaching.

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Autonomous Navigation

Our most recent publication on autonomous navigation for domestic service robots. This paper describes the navigation system for the robots Justina and Takeshi.

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